So by now I am sure most of you have seen or at least heard of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”, if you have not heard about it that is okay. It is about a girl that commits suicide in high school and leaves tapes for the 13 people that lead her to that decision. Her 13 reasons why she committed suicided tapes. As hooked as I was on that series, it got me thinking about a lot of things. We are constantly seeing shows or other things like this, replaying a suicide, telling someone else’s story, and so on. We never see why suicide should never be an option though. I guess some people would think that watching the heart wrenching pain of a show like 13 Reasons Why, would make everyone that watches it, not want to commit suicide.

That is just straight up wrong.

So in this blog, I’m going to share 13 Reasons Why Not To. I know way too many people that have committed suicide or attempted suicide. This is my way of reaching out to those that need to hear something like this, that need to hear that there is another option than the road Hannah Baker took in 13 Reasons Why.

  1. We are human. We make mistakes. We do things we regret. But that is what is so beautiful. We are human, so we feel.
  2. We feel good things and we feel bad things, but we feel. Feeling love is incredible and everyone needs to experience it on the highest level they can.
  3. Even though there are so many of us walking around on this earth, each birth is a miracle. We are all miracles. We are beings created from a greater power, we were made for life.
  4. We are talented. We have each been given the ability to do something better than someone else. For some people it is something unique, like a green thumb, or collecting incredible things, but for others it is something like a sport, or art, or photography. It does not matter what you’re good at, you’re good at it for a reason and it is all yours.
  5. We are beautiful. No matter what you believe in, whether it is God or the universe, or some other greater being, we are made to be different and beautiful in our own ways. We have different colored eyes, skin color, hair color, etc. We also have different ways we express how beautiful we are. The way we love, the way we interact, the way we do everything. It is our own, and it is one of the things in this world no one can change.
  6. We are family. We have a family, and we make a family. Sometimes our friends are our only family and sometimes we have a huge family. Regardless of what family you have, it is still family. It is still a circle of people that care for you and would take a bullet for you. It is family.
  7. We live on a beautiful planet. We have been given this earth and we live on it everyday not knowing half of what is on it. We live on a planet that we can explore on and create memories on. We do not take care of this planet, but despite that, it still loves us and it still grows for us. For our eyes to see. We live on something so beautiful and huge it begins to overwhelm us when we think about it.
  8. We have music. Music brings us together in incredible ways. Music has the ability to please every mood, every setting, every situation. Music is always there for us. We take music for granted because it is music, but we should be thankful for it. Music carries memories our minds cannot hold on its own. Music carries us and we don’t even know it.
  9. We are powerful. We have the ability to do whatever our souls desire. Obviously I am talking about good things, not criminal acts. We can change our own lives, we can change other lives. We can make money, we can make memories. We are so powerful that the thought of what one could do with their life is overwhelming. We have this capacity of knowledge that never gets used because of the fear of how powerful it could actually be. It is okay to be scared. That simply means you care.
  10. We are dreamers. Our minds can dream up anything. Some might say dreamers do not succeed in anything, but I say dreamers succeed in everything. We are able to see the endless possibilities of our lives.
  11. We are believers. We have the freedom to believe in whatever we want. We believe in other people. We believe in the world. We believe because we love. We believe in ourselves even if sometimes you cannot feel it. Deep down, we will always believe in ourselves.
  12. We can just be. This is such a beautiful thing. We have all this power, and all these dreams and abilities but, we can also just be. We can sit in our lives, live them, feel them, and just be in the moment. We do not have to do anything. We do not have to impress. We do not have to make a name for ourselves. We are free to just chill out and do nothing. Just being is such a peaceful thing…and most of us never do it.
  13. Last, but certainly not least, we can love. No matter how cold you think you are, or how emotionless you feel, we all have the ability to love. Our hearts are powerful things. Aside from keeping us alive by the obvious, they keep us alive by giving us emotion. By holding the capacity to which we were all made to love. An endless capacity. We can love anything and anyone with as much or as little love as we choose. We love because we are human. We love because we need it. As much as everyone wants to receive love, I feel like we need to give love ten times more.

We need physical things to survive this life….like food and water. But, we also need things we cannot hold in our own two hands. We need all of these reasons to live in this life. That is why we have them, and were given them. We need each other or else this life thing will never work. There are so many reasons why not to…but these 13 are my favorite.

Please share and begin to love.

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.” -Buddha