Dear Mr. President,

Since you have been elected here is what has happened. Actual racists have felt empowered to do unthinkable hate crimes, anti everything protests have erupted around the world, and millennials are being treated with hostility for being “too sensitive”. This is not all that has happened, but these are the things that are affecting me, and so many other people I know. On my university campus, terrible flyers have been posted attacking white females, African Americans, LGBTQ groups, muslims, and empowering white supremacy believers. Girls wearing a hijab have been assaulted and those are just a few things that have happened.

This is disturbing and so beyond upsetting to me. Never once did I ever think I would say I am embarrassed to attend The University of Oklahoma, but it seems that with your election, that is what I am saying. I do not like you Mr. President, and I do not like what your election is doing to this country. But, I will say you are my president, and I will get behind you until you truly give me a reason to resent all of your being.

I pray that for the sake of this country, you truly prove every “hater” wrong and you do incredible things. I pray you honor what you said in your speech and are the president for everyone. I pray that your wife will set amazing examples for all the little girls that will be watching her. I believe there is good in everyone and even though you have disgusted me in more ways than one, I believe that good is within you as well.

You are my president, and you have my support, because we need a leader. Right now you are our leader, you are not the ideal leader for this country, but you are our leader. So please, prove me and everyone else incredibly wrong and make us swallow our pride. I truly hope you “Make America Great Again”, because what America is doing right now is disgraceful and embarrassing. I will pray for you and your family as much as I can, because to come into such a terrible position, with so many people resenting you is something I do not think I would be able to do. I will also pray for the rest of the country to begin to support you because I believe you deserve a chance.

Best of luck to you Mr. President. You are going to need it.


An incredibly concerned millennial.