With recent presidential campaign atrocities, I have noticed something really sad happening all around me. Girls, of all ages, colors, sizes, and shapes have become increasingly insecure. Now, regardless of if it is actually because of this election season, or if it is because of something else…it makes me sad. So whether or not this blog makes a difference, I am hoping it can touch few souls.

To Every Girl,

You are so awesome. Your beauty is vastly different from every individual on this earth and that is what makes you ‘you’. The color of your hair, or your eyes, or the shape of your body have never and will never reflect on the kind of individual you are. God has made each and every one of us so uniquely and beautifully different. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing your hair, or your makeup, look in the mirror and see words. Strength, Confidence, Humble, Loyal, Loving, Kind, and so on. Look at your soul and bathe in the qualities and incredible gifts that were given to you by the greatest creator.

Stop scrolling through instagram and stalking the “pretty” girls. If you are going to stalk anyone stalk yourself, because no one is more beautiful than you. No one has the same love that is within you, and no one can love in the same way that you can. Every part of your being is so extraordinary so please use it all. It pains me to watch the most amazing girls sit on their phone and look at girls that seem “perfect”. Only to end up in tears or body shaming the vessel that God takes pride in. No amount of makeup, or clothes, or self-tanner is going to change anything within you and it certainly will not attract the kind of people your soul deserves. Im not saying stop wearing makeup and stop doing things that make you feel good. What I am saying, is start seeing the actual things that make you pretty. Start loving the things that God has created. Acknowledge the fact that no matter how you look or what you wear, the basis of your essence will never change. It will grow, but it will never change.

We were not made to all be the same. To have the same skin color, same legs, same hair, or same anything. We were created as individuals. Individuals with individual gifts that will forever set us apart from the rest. Trying to be someone else because you are not satisfied with the person you see in the mirror is the saddest thing. The person looking back at you is the person that will do something in life. That is the person that God is so proud of. The person that so many people love and adore. Don’t let social media and the comments of important people drown out that person looking back at you. That person is just waiting to come out, and breach the surface. Put aside the thoughts that have been imbedded in your head by mean girls, mean guys, TV, and so on. Do not let anyone control the beauty that is within your soul. Let that person in the mirror come out with such force that nothing can stop you. You are worth more gold than you can even think of, simply for the fact that you were created by the greatest being. Please love the person looking back at you in the mirror, because she is an incredible woman.

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” -Audrey Hepburn