Hello! I am a 21-year-old college student attending The University of Oklahoma. I began blogging when I went on my gap year…aka a break from college. I ended my blog after my year but, after much demand, I have brought it back! I will be sharing my thoughts on just about everything and anything that comes through this crazy clustered head of mine. Just a few things about me…I am totally obsessed with animals. My love for them has caused me to be a vegetarian and I am a full supporter of the lifestyle!

I am also a lover of Jesus. I believe in living my life to the very fullest and enjoy all of the little moments I am given. I strive to love every individual I meet, just as Jesus did, and I hope that love radiates through people’s hearts and inspires them to do the same.

I was born in a small town in Colorado called Glenwood Springs. About half way through my life my mom, sister and I moved to Austin Texas. Austin is my home and has most of my heart!

My best communication style is writing. I absolutely love it. My head is full of a bunch of craziness and the best way I can get it out is writing. My whole heart and soul goes into everything I write and I am so passionate about it! For that reason, I am so excited to be sharing my thoughts with you! Enjoy!